Friday, July 15, 2011

Bedtime Fun

Ryan was hilarious before bed last night.  Clayton and I were both distracted, playing on the computer.  I noticed that Ryan was being really quiet, which is never a good sign.  I thought I should go check on him.  This is how I found him:

I am still not sure HOW he got up on the counter.  He had pushed his stool up to the sink, but that still put the counter at armpit level for him.  He must have muscled his way up there, but hasn’t been able to do it since.  He was having a grand ol’ time playing up there, though. 

A little bit later, we were saying his prayers.  He’s starting to catch on to the idea and will, mumbling, repeat something sounding remotely like we are saying.  So last night we were thanking Heavenly Father and asking him for things.  Clayton was helping him, and said, “Help me to be a good boy.”  Instead of copying him, Ryan responded with a resounding “Noooooooo.”  We had to pause mid-prayer to keep our giggles under control.  It was pretty funny.  Sometimes it is so easy to love this little boy.