Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight: The Movie

Thursday night/Early Friday morning, Karen and I attended the midnight showing of Twilight. It's probably my favorite book and the movie wasn't half-bad either. I thought I might give you my review and thoughts on the movie

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. The atmosphere of the theater was a lot of fun. It was a room full of mid-teenage girls to lots and lots of moms giggling and gasping at the right parts. There were even a few guys there. People cheered when the Cullens showed up for the time. The story stayed pretty true to the plot, although there were discrepancies. I tried to go in with an open mind and I really liked the film.

The Good:
Robert Pattinson did a good job playing Edward. He has some really good facial expressions. Carlise was also really good. It was comical at parts. Stephenie Meyer had a camio too. Stayed pretty close to the story. They obviously had to cut things out, but they kept most of the important scenes in there. Jacob was very likable, and well cast. Good kiss scenes:)

The Bad:
Kristen Steward, who played Bella, wasn't my favorite part of the movie. Her acting wasn't always believable. When her character was supposed to get excited over something, she seemed to stumble over her words. Some of he things that Edward says or does or not allways Edward-esque or true to his character. Sarah Clarke, who plays Renee seems too old.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

100 things you may not know about me

I liked Savannah's list so I thought I'd come up with one of my own. Here is a list of 100 things you may or may not know about me. Here goes...

1. My name is Amber Melissa Shaw
2. I'm a licensed massage therapist
3. I'm a student at BYU majoring in Fitness and Wellness
4. I'm a hopeless romantic
5. I love to read
6. My favorite book is Twilight
7. I love ice cream, especially mint chocolate chip.
8. I'm married to Clayton Shaw, and I think he's pretty amazing!
9. I was born in Mesa, Arizona on November 25, 1986
10. I'm graduating in April
11. I like to sing, but don't do it much any more
12. My favorite TV shows are currently Psych and Chuck, but are subject to change
13. I don't have a favorite movie...I like anything with a little romance
14. I listen mostly to country music
15. I really wish I had tickets to go see Carrie Underwood in concert
16. I've considered auditioning for American Idol
17. I'm trying to start my own business
18. I don't like tomatoes
19. I love Italian food. YUM!
20. I'm not a huge fan of Asian food...but occasionally I crave it
21. I like to keep my house clean, and when it's not it stresses me out
22. I have to have my house clean before I leave town.
23. As long as my kitchen and bathroom are clean, I feel like I'm in control
24. I was cheerleading captain in high school
25. Someday I'm going to dye my hair a rich chocolate brown...I just have to work up the nerve first
26. I'm the second oldest of six children.
27. I'm going to the midnight showing of Twilight
28. I really like iCarly, a cheesy Nickelodeon tween girl tv show.
29. I didn't like the new Batman movie.
30. I used to be able to do the splits.I can't do them anymore:(
31. I already have baby names picked out...and I'm not even expecting
32. I grew up in Tucson, AZ and I think it's beautiful
33. I met Clayton through my sister, Savannah
34. I originally thought that Clay wasn't my "type"
35. I like some of the High School Musical music
36. I like Disney movies
37. Someday I'm going on the Disney cruise
38. Clayton and I went to Magic Mountain for our honeymoon
39. I love roller coasters
40. I learn all about how's and why's of exercise, but I rarely exercise
41. I played soccer when I was younger and wish I would've stuck with it
42. I love chocolate cake
43. Most of my friends are also my family
44. I'm almost 5'2" and wish I was a few inches taller
45. My sister and I creates a written language when we were younger.I wish I still remembered it
46. I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world
47. I originally thought that I would major in music education
48. Someday I'm going to learn how to surf.
49. I would like to teach myself to play the piano
50. I've worked a Domino's Pizza, Quizno's, the Wilk doing custodial, and now at Massage Envy
51. I still enjoy the food and Domino's and Quizno's
52. I voted for John McCain
53. If I lived in California, I would have votes yes on Proposition 8
54. I get angry when I think of members of the church who criticized the Church for taking a stance on Prop. 8
55. I wish I were funnier. I'm really bad at telling jokes. I fizzle out long before the punch line.
56. My favorite joke: How does an elephant hide in a gumball machine? He paints his toenails different colors. Have you ever seen an elephant in a gumball machine?...Guess it works! Haha.
57. My favorite color is purple.more specifically lavendar
58. I think the Cinderella story is terribly romantic
59. My favorite Disney movies are Hercules and Goofy Movie
60. Aladdin and the Emperor’s New Groove are pretty good too
61. I would love to bungee jumping or sky diving, but don't think I could get up the courage to jump
62. I hate cockroaches...They creep me out.
63. I'm afraid of knives and car accidents
64. I love playing board and card games.
65. I love bowling.
66. I have my own bowling shoes. They're purple and shimmering and completely awesome
67. I have obsessive tendencies
68. I wish I was more charitable
69. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
70. I know that my Savior lives.
71. I went to Cienega High School
72. I was really big into boy bands when I was younger
73. I would love to learn how to dance someday…I just need to get Clayton to take classes with me
74. I love hot chocolate
75. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons
76. Christmas and my birthday are my favorite holidays
77. I’m a big BYU football fan
78. I used to watch football with my dad growing up
79. I enjoy watching baseball
80. I love breakfast foods
81. I’m going to be late for class if I don’t finish this up quick.
82. I have ten toes
83. I was into punk music growing up
84. I love to sing in Italian…it’s a beautiful language
85. I was married in the Mesa Arizona Temple
86. My sister, Savannah, missed most of my reception and it was my fault
87. I participated in 3 musicals in high school. Those are probably my fondest memories from high school
88. The weirdest think I’ve ever eaten is squid
89. I wore braces for 2 years
90. I’ve never broken a bone.
91. When I was eight, I got my middle finger smashed between the hinge of a heavy wooden door
92. I can’t sleep with the blankets over my head. I get pretty claustrophobic
93. I’ve been in one car accident in my life. It was my fault and rear ended a Blazer with a trailer hitch that tore off my front bumper.
94. I love getting massages
95. I think the human body is fascinating
96. I want to raise my family in a rural community
97. I should wear heals to make me taller, but flats are much more comfortable
98. I have no problem sleeping. I’ve fall asleep during movies, and mid conversation as Clayton and I are going to sleep
99. My shoe size is 5 ½ in women’s
100. I’m going to barely make it to class in time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Police Report

This morning as Clayton was leaving for work, he opened the car door to find our glove box open with paper spread all over the passenger seat. He thought this kind of odd so he came back inside to see if I had been digging around in there for something. When I told him I had not, we realized that someone had broken into our car. It didn't look like forced entry, and I remember locking the door last night after getting home. Supposedly there's some glitch in our car model and occasionaly the driver's side door will unlock automatically. Something fautly with the wiring between the stereo and the locks. So, anyways, we went back out to see if anything was missing. Luckily we took all of our CD's out of our car about a month ago, so there were none in the car. Our title, registration, and insurance cards all seem to be there. From what we can tell, nothing is missing. They were probably looking for something worth a little more, but fortunately we're poor and have nothing of value, at least not in our car. We still have the cheap stereo the car came with, and is impossible to take out.

We decided that we should still report it, just in case there are similar break-ins in the area. Clayton thought it would be as simple as a phone call. He called them up and explained to them what had happened. The person on the other line asked if he would be willing to talk to an officer. Clayton figured they would just transfer him, but no...We had an officer come to our apartment. It was pretty exciting. We filed an offical report and everything. I doubt it would have been exciting if anything had been stolen, but luckily all we lost was a little bit of time to file a police report.