Monday, April 13, 2015

Baby Shower

My good friend, Krysten, threw my baby shower this past weekend. It turned out really nice! It was fun to celebrate the upcoming arrival of this little guys. We are three weeks out from my due date. We will see when he makes his big debut!
The Inviation
Angie Redd, Krysten Robison, Harata Friedrich
Randilinn and Avelyn Marquis

Christa Sorenson, Julia Bell, Julie Reynolds, Hannah McDaniel

Heartfelt Prayers

Last night Ryan was saying family prayers and it went something like this:

 "Please bless us all to die...So we can be resurrected liked Jesus."

Let's just hope he gets a delayed answer to that prayer.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


We had a really nice Easter weekend, with one exception. Poor little Derek had croup and we had to take him into the the doctor on Saturday morning. I had spent the last 3 nights sleeping on an air mattress with him and his cough didn't seem to be getting any better. Over the last couple of days, his temperature had been sitting somewhere between 103 and 105. He was miserable and didn't seem to be getting any better so we decided it was time to take him in. The doctor was able to give him some steroids and within an hour or two there was a dramatic improvement. Thankfully, he was able to enjoy the weekend festivities a little bit more.
Derek at the doctor's office rocking his smiley face mask.
On Saturday, the boys had fun decorating Easter eggs. When I got to the store, all they had left were the Jumbo sized eggs, so the plastic wraps that came with the egg dying kit did not fit. It was still a lot of fun and the boys made some beautiful Easter eggs.

The Easter bunny came and the boys woke up to a fun surprise on Easter morning. They both got new church shirts and ties, a new movie, Big Hero 6, and LOTS of candy!

The Easter Bunny also hid the eggs we had previously decorated. The boys had fun on Sunday morning finding the eggs hidden throughout the backyard. The weather has been really mild lately so he was able to hide them outside this year.

Can't quite reach it!
 General Conference weekend also fell on Easter weekend this year so we got to spend most of the weekend listening the the inspired messages of the leaders of our church. It really helped to keep the focus on Christ.
All the festivities must have worn out the boys. They missed most of the last session of conference.
We ended the day with a nice Easter dinner and a lesson about the true meaning of Easter. I think Ryan is getting old enough that he can start to comprehend the significance of the Resurrection. I am so grateful for my Savior and his sacrifice for me. I know that he lives and that he loves us. Because of his sacrifice, I can be with my family forever and nothing brings more joy to me than that knowledge.