Sunday, July 19, 2015

About a week and a half ago we went down to Arizona to visit my family and attend my high school reunion. The boys had a lot of fun. Ryan went on a motorcycle ride with Grandpa. We played lots of games with Katrisa. Wes had a “modified” nerf gun collection that the boys enjoyed, and Grandma made us lots of yummy food. We brought Chloe down with us, and she had fun playing with Wes's cat Zed. While she was out in the backyard one time, one of the chickens got out and she scared the chicken, which then hopped over the fence. It took us about 45 minutes to catch the silly thing and get it back into its coop.
The boys got Burger King crowns on the way down.
Playing Monopoly Jr.
Flying the helicopter
My reunion was kind of lame. It was fun to see people, especially Candice and Meg. We went the the BBQ on Saturday morning (which was really hot!) and the dinner/dance that evening. After dinner it seemed like everyone just wanted to hit the bar, so Candice, Meg, and I, along with our significant others left early to go to Village Inn and get some pie.

We spent this week recovering from the trip and spending some time outside. Yesterday the boys and I did a bike ride (I pushed Tyler in the stroller) to help raise money for a friend with a rare liver disease. We only lasted a mile, but the boys had fun and took really good naps that afternoon!

Ryan has been busy drawing pictures:
Our Famleeey: I am the hairy one, Derek and Ryan are jumping on trampolines and Tyler is under Clayton

Ryan drew me three types of a flowers: a daisy, a velvet rose, and a sunflower

Dad's dinosaur

Ryan is counting by 5's, except he skipped 90. Close enough...

Derek gets naked whenever he gets the chance. I was feeding Tyler inside the house while the boys were playing outside in the pool. Derek said he wanted to come in so I told him to take off his swim trunks just inside the door so he didn't drip all over the house. The next thing I know, he's back outside running around in the buff. We'll have to break him of that habit one of these days.

Tyler is starting to hold his head up a little higher during tummy time. Savannah gave me the idea to put a pillow underneath him and it has made a huge difference. He's cooing a lot these days and loves to be tickled.